Casinos cut costs

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Colorado casinos are operating leaner and meaner than last year, accordingto the results of an annual employment survey conducted by the Colorado Divisionof Gaming.

Fifty-six casinos in Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek open inJune reported 5,983 employees on their payrolls, down from 6,450 employeesin 59 casinos statewide in June 1995. Those figures equate to an averagenumber of employees per casino of 107 in June 1996, down slightly from 109in June 1995. The 7.2% decrease in employment contrasts a 11.9% increasein the gross revenues that casinos reported in Fiscal Year 1996 ending June30 compared to the previous fiscal year. Casinos generated $401.7 millionin adjusted gross proceeds in fiscal year 1996, up from $358.86 million infiscal year 1995.

Cripple Creek casinos recorded a decrease in employment, with 1,819 personson the payrolls in June, down from 2,113 the previous year.