Insurer expands to the north

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<B>By LAUREY LUMMUS</B> <FONT SIZE=-1><I>Staff Reporter</I></FONT>

Consumer Insurance Group, based in Salida, Colo., will expand operationsto the Colorado Springs’ area beginning Oct. 1. The new office will be locatedat 1915 Jamboree Drive in the Briargate area.

According to John Hightower, the client base in the southern Colorado areawill grow significantly by placing an office in the Springs’ area.

"The new office will enable Consumer Insurance Group to remain focused onour primary goal, which will be to provide the best customer service in ourindustry," said Hightower.

With the addition of the Springs’ office, the company hopes to capitalizeon the burgeoning insurance market in southern Colorado. With Colorado Springsrapidly becoming a hotbed of insurance activity, the company feels it willbe in the right place at the right time.

The Colorado Springs’ office will handle many of the administrative supportfunctions, underwriting, plus the addition of the company’s new telemarketingservice.

CIG is a nationwide life insurance and annuity brokerage serving approximately30,000 independent life agents in 47 states.

The company will start by adding 20 new employees in the Springs’ office,hoping to add more employees as the client base enlarges.

Hightower reported the office will have an estimated payroll of $500,000per year.