Tax collections up

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Sales and use tax collections for the month of July increased 12.1% comparedto the prior year period. Collections during July reflect the economic activityof June.

Most sectors were able to post gains over the same month of a year ago. Themiscellaneous retail sector, including office suppliers, sporting goods,and liquor stores, showed the largest increase with a change of 30.4%. Buildingmaterials increased 22.3% and furniture, appliance, and electronic storesincreased 22.0%. Hotels showed a 16.6% increase, and auto suppliers wereup 1.5%.

Sectors showing decreases were specialty clothing, with a decrease of 4.1%.The grocery sector was down 10.3%. This is an anomaly, as the grocery strikewas in effect in June. Also, a new major entrant in this sector is includedin department/discount stores.

The lodgers and auto rental tax increased 20.2% due to hotel sales increasing16.6% and a 49.4% increase in auto rentals at the airport.