Sun Microsystems growing

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<B>By LAUREY LUMMUS</B> <FONT SIZE=-1><I>Staff Reporter</I></FONT>

Businesses may now have educational information delivered to their desktopcomputers with the touch of a button or a quick mouse click, with a ColoradoSprings firm aiding them in their delivery.

Sun Microsystems Inc., a San Jose-based firm specializing in the developmentof software, which has a branch office in Colorado Springs that employs morethan 100, will participate in a unprecedented joint venture. The venturewill highlight a new multimedia network to bring business education and trainingto desktop.

Joined together with Public Broadcasting Service, the National Alliance ofBusiness, and Lester C. Thurow, the group will address the need for in demandeducation and training in the workplace.

In a press conference held Sept. 12 at The New York Information TechnologyCenter in New York City, PBS announced the formation of a newtechnology/education venture that will offer interactive educational programsand seminars and serves the desktops of business leaders and their respectiveemployees.

Sun’s part in the venture will be strong, with the company supplying serverswith multi-gigabyte memories, which will enable them to store the informationmore easily than ever before.

The company has developed software applicable for the system that will makethe venture a reality.

Sun Microsystems is perhaps best known for the development of Solstice, theindustry’s first fully integrated solution to harness the complex methodsassociated with distributed computing.

The company reported revenue of $356 million in 1995.