Manitou adds mineral pools

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Preliminary work is being done in Manitou Springs to add $200,000 to $300,000 worth of mineral pools to the Aquatic Fitness Center in Schryver Park.

New pool manager Joe Burke, formerly manager of The Broadmoor hotel’s aquatic, fitness, and recreation center, is working on cost projections and operating plans.

Plans call for one 18,000 gallon pool west of the main building with four smaller pools, three hot and one cold, terraced up the hillside north of the main pool.

The well to supply mineral water to the pools will cost $40,000 to $60,000 to drill, according to Ken Jaray, co-founder and chairman of the Mineral Springs Foundation. Planners are working with data collected from a well drilled in 1979 at the Briahurst Manor Inn property, west of the pool. Jaray said that if the data remains accurate, there should be plenty of water two blocks down the street.

"Our big concern," said Jaray, "is hitting too much water."

The well should be drilled within the next six months. Water testing, construction plans, and fund-raising will coincide with the water court application process, which Jaray said will take six months to one year to complete.

He and Burke both stressed that this is a long-term project and that there are no guarantees of hitting usable water or, for that matter, of hitting water at all.

If no usable water is found the project will not continue. Planners are limited as to where they can drill because of the layout of the park, according to Jaray.