ACSI's warehouse is a step up

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Advanced Chemical Systems International Inc. recently leased a 12,000-square-foot warehouse at 2150 Executive Circle.

ACSI manufactures specialty chemicals for the semiconductor industry, said John Downing, ACSI operations manager. At the request of Atmel, ACSI will use this warehouse to store chemicals for the semiconductor industry in Colorado Springs.

"This is a new venture," Downing said. "We want to get to the point where we are bringing in glass-lined tanker trucks rather than gallon units of chemicals. This warehouse is a very large version of what Atmel used to do for itself."

Glen Jenkins, ACSI director of chemical management division in Austin, said ACSI has used a warehousing company in Denver. Most warehousing companies store commercial chemicals, he said.

"We think our warehouse is a step up and will address the purity needs of the semiconductor industry," Jenkins said.

The ACSI warehouse has a cleanroom and sophisticated smoke and heat detectors. Forklifts and other equipment are battery operated so as not to cause sparks, Downing said. Cold storage is also available for chemicals that must be maintained at a constant temperature.

Jenkins said the warehouse will store some hazardous chemicals, such as sulfuric acid and isopropyl alcohol. However, they are solvent and are widely used in many industries.

Downing said ACSI hopes to add more of the Colorado Springs’ semiconductor companies to its list of clientele.

"We have about three years worth of growth in this building. In this industry, that is not enough, Downing said. It took almost a year to get the hazardous materials permit for this location. If we get any indication that the marketplace is ready for expansion, we will start looking for more space."