Harris garners large contract

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A contract totaling $5 million has recently been awarded to Colorado Springs-based Harris Technical Services Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Florida-based Harris Corp.

This branch of the corporation reports to the Electronic Systems Sector through the information services division.

The contract was awarded by the U.S. Air Force and all work is scheduled to be completed at Falcon Air Force Base.

Harris’ duties will be to oversee the USAF 50th Space Wing Site Integration and Support Contract. The SIASC will be conducted over the next five years.

According to Fritz Burkhart, program manager, the contract contains three main elements. The first segment pertains to integration, which, according to Burkhart, pertains to any installation that takes place at Falcon AFB, which will be under the auspices of the SIASC contract.

The second portion of the contract entails communications system support. Duties will include supporting the Falcon Local Area Network, overseeing functions, operations, and providing a help desk.

The third portion of the SIASC contract is wing support, which consists of several functions. Harris will be responsible for the operations of the technical library, and various operations inside the wing command post.

Thus far, 1996 has proved to be a record year for Harris Corporation. The company achieved records in all key performance categories, including orders, sales, net income, and earnings per share. Returns on sales, capital, and shareholder’s equity improved substantially for the fifth consecutive year.

Harris has four major businesses: Communications, Semiconductors, Lanier Worldwide Office Products, and Electronic Systems.

Harris’ Communication Sector is balanced 50/50 between domestic and international business, with sector earnings raising to 31% on an 18% rise in sales. These results reflect the strong need for products such as microwave radios, broadcast transmitters, and telephone test equipment.

The Semiconductor Sector of Harris also prospered in FY96, being on the leading edge of products used in power control, and improved margins in both military and aerospace products.

The Electronic Systems Sector, of which the SIASC will contribute revenue toward, is communication and informations systems for defense, intelligence, and transportation.

The fourth division, the Lanier Worldwide, reported earnings of an increase of 24%. This division is primarily geared toward office products, including copiers, facsimile units, and dictation systems. At the company’s August 1996 meeting, its board of directors declared a 12% increase in the quarterly cash dividend, raising from 34 cents to 38 cents per share. This increase is the fourth in as many years, and brings the annual rate to $1.52 per share, compared with $1.36 last year. Harris can claim an unbroken record of dividend payments for more than 50 years.

Harris reported earnings of $3.6 billion for FY96.