Nonprofits add to local economy

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A large chunk of revenue, totaling more than $220 million each year, is brought to Colorado Springs by the nonprofit organizations in the area.

The headquarters of the nonprofit organizations, which total 48, also bring an estimated $9.8 million into the local economy through visitor spending.

These results were recently released by the Greater Colorado Springs Economic Development Corp. The study, which was prepared by Dave Bamberger and Associates, cites the Springs as a city having one of the largest number of nonprofit organizations in the country.

In 1996, nonprofit agencies spent nearly $24 million in construction and renovation costs, employing 3,400 people.

According to the EDC, non-profits spent a large part of their budgets on the procuring of hotel and motel accommodations, which have totaled 98,000 nights thus far in 1996.

The two biggest nonprofit agencies in Colorado Springs are Focus on the Family and The Navigators.

Focus on the Family employs 1,276, with an operating budget surpassing $108 million.

The Navigators, which employs 171, has a comparable yearly operating budget that totals $94 million.

Bamberger estimates the agencies will produce more than $790 million in sales for the city and $287 million in earnings, creating 11,000 new jobs for the community.

The survey also indicated approximately $7 million is paid annually in increased state tax revenue and $7.4 million in property taxes paid by its employees.

A proposal, Amendment 11, which will be included on the ballot next week, calls for more taxation on the property that nonprofit agencies own. Representatives from nonprofit groups say this may jeopardize the future of the nonprofit agencies in Colorado Springs and the large amounts of revenue they bring in the city.