Relocation Solutions grows

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Relocation Solutions is projecting 20% growth in revenue this year over last year.

The 6-year-old company has grown from assisting 50 corporations with relocation of employees in 1990 to aiding 130 companies in 1994. More than 650 individuals and families were helped in 1995 and the company has helped nearly 700 find their feet in their new homes in 1996.

Relocation Solutions is not a real estate company. It provides specific realtors with referrals of prospective clients coming to the area, usually when the individual comes for a job interview. The realtors then pay Relocations Services a portion of their commission when the clients buy or lease.

The use of specific realtors allows the company to choose the most experienced realtors and to train them on how to provide consistent information about and give similar tours of the area. It also lessens a family’s anxiety about choosing a realtor in a new city, often a new state. It allows for accountability and, if the family does not like the realtor it is assigned, it can request another, no questions asked.

People want to know where things are, what there is to do, and the best routes to get around, according to founder Marry Martin. In the cases of families, many want to know about schools, recreation, and parks.

Local companies that have used the service liked it so much that they have requested that Martin and Phyllis Bleakley, director of relocation services, help their outgoing employees across the country as well as incoming employees in locating realtors and services. The out-of-state business has grown to 25% of total revenue in the last year.