Interwest, ICC strike a deal

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Internet Communications Corp., based in Denver, recently announced a merger with Interwest Communications, a Colorado Springs-based firm, which has been in business locally since 1977.

In response to the overwhelming array of computer networks popping up throughout the country, and the ensuing problems that may follow, Internet Communications Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Internet, focuses on the management of such networks, acting as a troubleshooter and consultant.

The merger will allow ICC to converge technologies and make rapid advancements in the world of network management.

Interwest, formerly an affiliate of the Anschutz Corporation, has been a major player in the telecommunications industry since its inception, with a customer base totaling more than 8,000.

ICC acquired Interwest with conditions stating ICC would gain 100% of Interwest stock for 49% of Internet common stock.

Until now, the two companies have experienced a small overlap in their existing customer base. The merger will create a target drive for the mid-range business market. In the past, Internet has been successful in the large corporate market.

In addition to the acquisition of Interwest, ICC recently acquired Paragon Systems, another telecommunications firm based in the Denver area. The transaction was an asset purchase, with no price or terms being disclosed. Paragon was founded in 1985, and it is known for being a leading supplier of networking solutions for the AS/400 systems. Paragon posted FY95 revenue of $1.6 million. The present manager and founder of Paragon, Jim Steigerwald, will remain at the helm of the company.

ICC now counts 320 as employees, with combined company revenue totaling $40 million.