Coupons work for PPCAA

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The Pikes Peak Country Attractions Association began riding the wave on the Internet starting in June with the offer of free coupons to 42 area attractions.

The coupon blitz was a successful one with a high return rate, even more than anticipated.

According to the PPCAA, the attractions report a return rate of $14,500 because of the Internet coupon program.

This is the first time the association has offered discount coupons over the Internet. The coupons allow Internet subscribers to have the coupons printed out at home and redeemed at attractions of their choice. Because of the meticulousness of the system, tracking is easy and allows the association to immediately view the profitability of their on-line pursuits.

The coupons benefitted travel businesses in the Pikes Peak area, with nearly 3,000 customers taking advantage of this high-tech initiative.

Kitty Clemons, executive director of the PPCAA, said the coupons proved to be such a success that a new slew of the discount coupons would be added before the beginning of the 1997 season.

The home page of the organization represents more than 40 companies, offering aids that include maps, music and translation of the material into Japanese.

To visit the home page, contact <A HREF=""></A> or call the PPCAA at (719) 685-5894.