Phantom will build another

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Microbrewerys, the highly hopped phenomenon that has hit Colorado Springs with a thirsty vengeance, have become as popular in the ’90s as discos were in the ’70s. Brewerys in Colorado Springs have stretched their imagination and employed choice barley combinations to create beers such as Misty Flips Red Ale, Way Pale Ale, and Bee Sting Honey Ale.

And now, one of the most popular of the new hubs is expanding.

Phantom Canyon Brewery, which opened its premier location at Pikes Peak and Cascade, has decided to open another brewery, designed to cater to those who live on the east side of Colorado Springs.

According to management at Phantom Canyon, the present location has proved to be so popular, opening a second brewery was the next logical step. Doors at the Union and Academy boulevards brewery will open in January.

The new location will be located in Union Plaza, near the Wild Oats Market, a popular Colorado Springs health food store. Around the Corner Restaurant, which is now closed, will be demolished and built to suit the specific and detailed requirements that must accommodate any brewery. It will employ 35 full-time employees and three managers.

The brewery will offer 174 seats with brewing on the premises, specializing in handcrafted ales.