SecurCare Self-Storage builds

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SecurCare Self-Storage has two more self-storage centers in the works and one in the planning stages.

Allen Westfall, of SecurCare, said the company has two centers — one at Astrozon and Chelton, the other south of Interstate 25 and Nevada. The two new centers will be at Vickers and Flintridge and on Academy Boulevard on the north side of Sam’s Club.

Westfall said he hopes to start building the Vickers and Flintridge center in late February. It will have 690 units in seven different sizes, ranging from five foot by 10 foot to 10 foot by 30 foot. SecurCare Self-Storage recently purchased the 5.4 acres on Vickers and Flintridge for $490,000.

The Academy Boulevard center will begin construction in April, he said. The center will be 55,000 square feet and house 560 units.

A third self-storage center is planned for an undisclosed location in the northeast area of Colorado Springs, Westfall said.

Westfall said the development of SecurCare Self-Storage is proportional to the growth in Colorado Springs. “It takes about 25,000 people to support one mini-storage and that is about the growth per year of Colorado Springs,” he said.

SecurCare Self-Storage will employ 10 people in all of its businesses once the three new facilities are completed.

Hermann Speilkamp of Banc Commercial represented the sellers in this sale transaction.