GES receives CDOT highway contract

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Global Environmental Services Inc., a Colorado Springs-based company in service since 1991, has recently been awarded a contract totaling up to $5 million from the Colorado Department of Transportation. The award is the first given to a Colorado Springs -based consultant by the CDOT.

The CDOT contract is one of five rotating statewide environmental service contracts. The duration is for one year, annually renewable for up to four years.

The work to be conducted includes environmental assessments, subsurface investigations, and corrective action planning in support of the CDOT’s planning and pre-construction process. These implementations go into effect prior to the initiation of roadway improvements. Other duties that GES will perform are acquisitions of right-of-ways, or the rerouting of state and federal roadways.

Additional tasks that will be included in the contract include environmental, compliance audits, hazardous waste management, 24-hour emergency response services, and other tasks that support CDOT’s preconstruction, construction, and maintenance operations.

GES has established a strong presence in the Colorado Springs area since its inception, according to Jim Moots, director of operations for GES. He believes this is one of the reasons GES was awarded such a high-profile contract.

“We were very pleased with the award, particularly because we are such a small-business,” said Moots. “The result was akin to when David slayed Goliath, we were in competition with the big boys and we won.”

Moots also credited the company’s location and experience for helping to win this substantial contract.

The company’s major clients include the City of Colorado Springs, Flying J Inc., Parkview Episcopal Hospital, and UNOCAL.

In these days of increasing environmental concerns, GES prides itself on incorporating a 24-hour response services to its clients for hazardous and nonhazardous materials incidents. GES is fully equipped to provide immediate response for any cleanup necessary, and mitigation of petroleum product releases that may result from highway accidents or shifting loads.

According to Moots, the emergency response service was utilized as recently as Christmas Eve. That night a tanker truck off-loading at a service station on Interstate 25 spilled several thousand gallons of gas. GES arrived within minutes to clean up and rectify any damage caused.

GES Inc.’s state-of-the-art remedial services are also in big demand, according to Moot, with engineers and hydrogeologists among the best in the country working as consultants for GES.

The company also maintains a small satellite office in Albuqurque and Denver. With growth occurring rapidly, Moots believes GES is in prime position for expansion in the near future.