Local computer dealer gets charter contract

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Benchmark Computers and Electronics of Colorado Springs has recently been named the charter dealer for Total Automated Building Systems, or TABS. The right to franchise was awarded to Benchmark by Netmedia Inc, the inventors of TABS.

Benchmark manufactures and distributes its own line of office automated computer systems and designs customized software.

With TABS, one need not worry about having the hot tub overflow, the gas turned off, the sprinkler system started, or the VCR programmed to record.

The system uses customized software to manage individual homes.

Owner of Benchmark, Ken Dailey, who started the business in 1990, said he has seen his company grow approximately 400% since its inception in 1990. With the introduction of TABS, Daily expects to see even further growth.

TABS combines climate control, security, lighting, appliances, pools, irrigation and other water features, plus audio-video distribution, according to Nedmedia’s general manager Roger Nay.

The system is activated by a button on the wall panel, called the TABS communicator, or by a TABS remote control. By viewing the TABS channel on your own TV, you can operate the system from anywhere in the world with any Touch-Tone phone by using your exclusive password.

Dailey said many custom home builders are now installing the product into their homes as they are erected. Fairfield Homes and Pulte Homes, two national home builders, recently installed the systems in their recently built custom homes.

“Our niche in the market has always been providing personalized services to companies,” said Dailey.