Magneto optical drive company prepares to expand

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MOST Inc., a magneto optical drive manufacturer headquartered in Cypress, Calif., with operations in Colorado Springs, has just been awarded several large contracts totaling $10 million.

The work on the contracts will be conducted in Colorado Springs, allowing the company, which currently employs 120 in the city, to expand its staff. The MOST Manufacturing facility is at 2180 Executive Circle.

MOST products are used in the Patriot Missile System, the Trident Submarine and other military, intelligence, and specialized government applications.

Under the new contract, the company will manufacture high-speed, high-performance 5.25 inch 2.6 gigabyte direct overwire optical drives. One gigabyte is equivalent to approximately 130,000 pages of data.

MOST was founded in 1987 by Nakamichi Corporation of Japan to develop technically advanced optical disk drives. In July 1996 the company was acquired by its U.S. management team. The buy out included MOST’s optical drive technology and the manufacturing plant in Colorado Springs.

MOST’s magneto optical products are used widely in banking and financial, legal, health care and other applications where high-capacity and reliable information are of key importance. These typical applications include network storage/retrieval, document imaging, desktop publishing, and electronic information management.

This commitment to industry standards has provided resellers and integrators with an assurance that MOST will protect its customer base with interchangability and backward capability, said Andy Marken of Marken Communications. He is responsible for MOST’s advertising and marketing.