Johnstone Supply set to relocate

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Johnstone Supply, a national cooperative with 217 independently owned stores in 44 states, is in the process of building a new location for its Colorado Springs outlet. Johnstone Supply is a wholesale heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration company.

The new building, covering 43,000 square feet, will feature both an office and showroom. The new building will be located at 3720 Pikes Peak Avenue. Construction costs for the new facility have been estimated at approximately $2.5 million.

Johnstone will utilize 26,000 square feet of the building, with 20,000 square feet designated for warehouse space, 3,000 square feet to be used for office space, and 3,000 square feet to hold the showroom and contractor training space.

An additional 21,000 square feet will be leased by two Highland Commercial Group agents, John Onstoff and Frank Tuck. Tuck and Onstoff plan to sell or lease the building to a prospective commercial client.

The current location at 2541 Platte Place covers approximately 16,000 square feet and will be leased or sold to another business. The company will occupy the new store beginning in August.

Johnstone’s history started with its inception in 1953, with the first store opening by founder John Shank in Portland, Ore. The wholesale heating and air-conditioning supply business was thriving during this post-war period, and Johnstone began to add other facilities across the country.

In 1961, the first Colorado store was started by Bob Wieland. Lance Wieland, the son of Bob, is the owner of the Colorado Springs store. Lance Wieland believes the tremendous growth has occurred in the business due to several factors, primarily the store’s philosophy and flexibility.

“Because we are a cooperative we are all separately owned but we still have the convenience which goes along with being associated with a large chain,” said Wieland. “It is easier for us to get discounts which are passed down to the consumer.”

Another benefit of being part of a cooperative, as Wieland asserts, is that profits made each year are collectively divided among stores.

According to Wieland, the new store will provide much more than a new location.