Athletes and employers link up on Colorado Springs-based interactive service

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Athletes and employers now have a Web site where they can hook up with each other. Tagged “,” it encompasses six service areas: employers, job seekers, camps, open competition dates, consultants and speakers, and clinics and seminars.

An extension of Beyond Boundaries Inc. — a Colorado Springs-based interactive information service — the Web site was designed and is maintained by another Colorado Springs-based company called AlphaPlex Inc. Beyond Boundaries was formed in April, 2001 with the sole purpose of creating its subsidiary. Other opportunities, such as consulting athletic departments, are on the drawing board, said Sandra Vivas, president of Beyond Boundaries.

She came up with the idea while employed as executive director for the American Volleyball Coaches Association. During her 17 years at AVCA, she saw a need for a comprehensive Web sight that included more than posting jobs. After submitting her resignation to AVCA last December, she began work on her personal project. She expanded the Web site to include recreation, coaching and administration needs. She then added camps and resumes and said she will eventually add a service that allows users to match resumes with available positions through key words.

“The whole issue of searches became a big one,” said Vivas. “They wanted a specific place to go. When this started, no other job search areas had any kind of athletic-specific information (such as open competition and camps).”

The “job seekers” link offers three types of resumes: professional, student athlete and camp worker. Each can highlight specific attributes and emphasize their expertise.

The “employers” link offers three employment areas to post jobs: athletic related jobs, corporate jobs and camp jobs. The athletic related jobs are those that operate around the athletic community. The corporate job fragment allows businesses to advertise to a specific section of the job market while the “camps” link provides advertising space and allows users to search each camp.

The “consultants and speakers” link allows professionals in need of solutions, programs and concepts to advertise their forte and target fields of their market. Segments range from academic counseling to weight management.

“Competition dates” caters to every level of competition from archery to wrestling while “clinics and seminars” allows professionals to post scheduled seminars and clinics.

Although the Web site is free until October, Vivas is negotiating contracts with sports organization to use her Web site as a link to their own site. It would link — or “clone,” she said — into the client’s Web site but members wouldn’t be aware of this since it would be designed specifically for the client. All data would be transferred into one database.

“The cost of doing this technology is so prohibitive for organizations. That’s why I decided to do this on my own,” said Vivas. “My intent is to try to partner with organizations and enable them to use this technology and put money back in their pockets.”