Airport exploring some new business amenities

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The Colorado Springs Airport is exploring ways to improve its business-traveler amenities.
Airport director of marketing, Mary Collins, said a partnership with a third-party service provider, such as Kinko’s, might be a possibility, or installing technology-enabled kiosks or individual business workstations.
The amenities were discussed in a recent airport marketing survey, which offered insights into typical airport flyers and helped form the airport’s 2002 marketing campaign.
The survey didn’t uncover a major need for an airport VIP lounge, which typically would serve business travelers with long waits for connecting flights. However, “elite” frequent-flyer program members expressed interest in such an amenity. A separate focus-group study indicated that a VIP lounge likely would have to honor all airline VIP lounge memberships.
An ambassador program, which often guides and assists travelers, received interest from 42 percent of survey respondents, the majority of whom were leisure travelers (48 percent), and not frequent-flyer members.
Survey respondents also saw no need for a workout facility at the airport.