Chamber of commerce endorses congressmen

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Senator Wayne Allard and Congressman Joel Hefley have won the support of the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce in their reelection bids.
“Based on their consistent and strong voting records in Congress and regular contact with them, the Chamber’s Political Action Committee (PAC) forwarded its recommendations to the Board of Directors for their approval late last month,” the chamber said in a statement.
“Both Senator Allard and Congressman Hefley have proven track records in support of the economies of the State of Colorado and El Paso County in particular,” said Chamber political action committee Chairman, Jerry Biggs “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has consistently given them high marks on their voting records.”
The United States Chamber of Commerce annually ranks members of Congress on their voting records with specific attention given to business-related issues, the Chamber said. Both Senator Allard and Congressman Hefley consistently average scores above the 90% mark. The latest U.S. Chamber results award Senator Allard with a 100% voting record and Congressman Hefley with an 87% voting record.
Allard attended the news conference at chamber offices, but Hefley was unable to attend.
“Both Allard and Hefley are very influential in military issues, each serving on their respective Armed Services Committees,” said Chamber senior vice president Jeff Crank. “Both have received the Spirit of Enterprise Award from the United States Chamber of Commerce… we couldn’t ask for a better representation in Congress.”
The purpose of the Chamber’s PAC is to promote and support candidates for local, state, and federal offices, who support the private enterprise system and the economic well being of El Paso County and the State of Colorado, Crank said. It also takes positions on ballot issues, subject to the approval of the chamber’s board of directors. The PAC consists of nine voting members and three non-voting members.