Pothole repair and public works projects underway

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Pothole repair and major street and water improvements in Colorado Springs are in full swing, and if you have a pothole to be repaired, be sure to call the pothole hotline at 385-6808.
City street crews moved their annual pothole repair date ahead by five days after receiving so many calls. Officials said the hotline number was inundated by calls within minutes of going online. About 80 calls came in the first day, and some of them were not so polite, said street division operations manager Randy Zettlemoyer.
About 15 city employees are throughout the city filling the holes, which regenerate each winter after a season of freezes and thaws. The cycle is as follows: Water gets into cracks, freezes, and breaks away more of the pavement. This cycle repeats itself hundreds of times each winter, and by spring, some of the potholes are big enough to swallow a tire.
One citizen, Count Hubert Stees, is glad the city is working on the problem. He and his wife live in Columbine Estates in north Colorado Springs. They reportedly walk each day along Fuller Road. They reported a hole 12 inches across and over eight inches deep.
“A lot of people walk out here, and if they were in the dark they could step in it and get hurt,” the Count countered.
Officials said the greatest number of calls come from older areas in the central part of the city. Among streets with the largest number of potholes: Platte Avenue and the Rustic Hills neighborhood.
If you do not have any luck with the pothole hotline, try sending a message to the city’s website at www.springsgov.com. There is a hot button on the main screen called “Pothole Request Form.”
Meanwhile, utility repair in downtown Colorado Springs is turning the area into a cone zone city, with major repair work going on along Platte Avenue and Tejon Street. Additionally, major renovation to the area around the Uncle Wilbur fountain is also underway.