Old Colorado City bed and breakfast was built with comfort in mind

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When a prime piece of real estate became available in downtown Old Colorado City, Kaye and David Caster didn’t hesitate purchasing it.
Ironically, fire destroyed the old building, which once served as the town’s fire station, police department and jail. In later years, the building was a gift shop with apartments on the top floor. The Casters wanted to make their built-from-scratch bed and breakfast look as much as possible like the old building.
That drove the cost up, but aesthetically it blended gracefully with the other century-old structures. Inside, no expense was spared to create unique suites, each with its own balcony and hot tub, and with each room having a theme.
“We decorated each room with items from places we’ve visited,” Kaye Caster said.
For example, the African Orchid room features animals and artifacts from the Serengeti. The Oriental Poppy suite highlights Asian collectibles. The Moroccan Jasmine room showcases artifacts that tell the Sahara Desert story.
All rooms are soundproofed, and a concrete subfloor silences the sounds of guests in rooms above.
A feature that sets the Old Town Guesthouse apart from other fine guest homes is its elevator, which makes the inn ADA compliant. One room is designed specifically for the disabled. Another feature is its nearly 500 video library. Each room has a VCR and CD player, refrigerator and coffee maker.
The Casters are also doing their part to conserve water. Because of the large amount of laundry guests generate, the couple had its commercial washing machines plumbed so the gray water can be diverted into tubs for watering its trees and shrubbery.
Business travelers make up a large part of the clientele, and every room is wired for high-speed data transfer.
For information, call the Caster’s at 719/632-9194, or check out the facility online at www.bbonline.com/co/oldtown.