Poet’s Lofts are ready for occupants

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Thought I’d be a poet, So I found me a loft

Went inside for a look see, Found my pocketbook’s too soft

- Unknown

The trend may have started in Greenwich Village, when Ginsberg, Kerouac, and Burroughs were eking out a living, making do with coldwater flats at the wrong end of a long voyage on rickety stairs. Then came gentrification and the style went west.

Fast forward 60 years, and you have the Poet’s Lofts of Colorado Springs, south of downtown on Nevada and Las Animas. And baby, these ain’t your grandfather’s poet’s lofts.

A tour of the just-completed lofts by Roger Hukle, managing broker at Windsor Marketing Group, shows how much beauty and functionality you can buy for 742,500 non-bohemian bucks.

The 14 residential units range in price from $289,000 to $742,500 and offer every amenity you would expect in a custom-built home. The units feature airy, open space, a variety of floor treatments ranging from carpeting to hardwood, and the high ceilings have exposed pipes and sprinkler systems. Available are an assortment of two-bedroom, two-bath and three-bedroom, three-bath units.

The imported windows block out sound from Nevada Street traffic, and the heating and cooling systems use geothermal energy. Secure underground parking and elevators whisk tenants to their homes, and each unit has a private balcony.

“There is a real adventure to living downtown,” Hukle said. “There are 60 restaurants and 60 service providers within walking distance… downtown is changing rapidly and radically.”

The lofts give urban life lovers a chance to live in the middle of an environment that is being revitalized. Next door, south of the lofts, is the recently restored Lowell School, immediately to the north is the city police station.

“What we’re presenting here is a lifestyle,” Hukle said. “No longer do people have to live 30 minutes north of the city and face that drive to work in the downtown area.”

Developer Earl Robertson said the Poet’s Lofts are the first phase in what will become a 58-acre development of condominiums, senior apartments, and commercial units. Groundbreaking for the second phase of units, directly north of the lofts, will begin soon, Robertson said.

Beneath the residential units at the Poet’s Lofts are seven commercial spaces, which could become home to upscale restaurants, bookstores, or whatever. Presently, one space is a showroom for Office Now, a consortium of local businesses offering communications services, copier and printer sales and high-quality office furniture.

Each of the residential units is wired with a high-speed T-1 communications line, as are each of the office units.

“It is hard to get ownership of commercial space downtown,” Hukle said. “The chance to own commercial space downtown with all the amenities is a great opportunity.”

Another feature of the Poet’s Loft facility is the opportunity to add office equipment into the mortgage price of the commercial or residential units. The details are handled by the Office Now team and greatly reduce out-of-pocket expenses for new or established businesses.

To view a residential or business unit, call Hukle at 447-1003.