St. Louis engineer launches local printer paper marketing co.

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After 11 years as an engineer with a company in St. Louis, Michael Pach decided he’d had enough. He packed up his cubicle, turned in his pocket protector, purchased some camera equipment, and the young man went west.

In 2000, he started his own business, AdventureCam Photography and Design, and started hiking Colorado’s mountains in search of photographs he hoped to sell. He has climbed half of the state’s famous “fourteeners,” or peaks exceeding 14,000 feet, which includes Pikes Peak.

Pach has an impressive collection of nature photographs, which he sells on the Web, but his primary emphasis now is marketing a line of high-quality inkjet printer paper.

Many inkjet printers on the market are capable of producing high-quality prints, Pach said. But often users settle for far less. The reason: using paper that absorbs the ink, producing flat, fuzzy prints.

The solution is to use high-quality papers manufactured with superior results in mind. Finding those papers, Pach said, is as easy as a trip to his website,

“We sell only papers by ProofLine,” Pach said. “ProofLine tests all the papers available and then packages the best of the best.”

A portfolio of Pach’s photographs indicates the papers are high quality. His outdoor photographs show a full depth of color and a snappy brilliance one would expect from custom-printed photographs on photographic paper.

Additionally, the papers have a wide variety of surfaces. Among the surfaces are glossy, canvas, watercolor, and matte, and some papers allow for printing on both sides. Pach sells a sample packet with two sheets each of six types of paper in standard letter size.

Because he purchases the paper direct from the manufacturer, Pach said he is able to give customers a good price.

Also available are large sheets and roll lengths in a variety of widths.

In addition to his paper sales, Pach’s website offers for sale prints from many of his photographs, film scanners and website development.

Custom screen savers are another product the innovative photographer offers. The screen savers feature his images, or may be custom-made for a company or individual with logos, photographs, or other images.

“Basically, my goal is to create repeat customers and we do that by offering the best quality products and superior customer service,” Pach said. “We’re convinced once people try our product they will come back.”

With a master’s of business administration degree, Pach could probably find employment at any number of companies, but he said his love of photography and the outdoors convinced him he made the right choice.

“I’m glad I made that choice,” he said. “I enjoy being my own boss and the advantages for outweigh the disadvantages.

“But this is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, trying to do what’s right for the business and myself, and to keep going.”

Even if one isn’t familiar with his company, there is a good chance you have seen his work. His photographs have been published in the Colorado Vacation Planner, on area maps, and will be featured on the cover of the Pueblo Business Journal’s new Book of Lists. He has photographed the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic extensively, and his photographs and screen savers are sold in area gift shops.

Pach can be reached at 719/260-6637, or