Ad agency offers free advice

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When business slows down, shakers and movers go out and rattle the doors, press the flesh and place some ads. Some companies pull back and hope to weather the storm by reducing expenditures, and often the first place to be cut is the advertising budget. That’s not a good idea, said Susanne Arens, president and art director at Crystal Peak Design, Ltd.

It is important to keep the advertising budget intact, and to keep placing the ads, Arens said. Ahrens said her 16-year-old company, one of the oldest agencies in Colorado Springs, is waiving its standard consultation fee to help businesses realize the importance of maintaining their advertising presence.

“Our goal in offering free consulting to local businesses is to help add to the success and growth of individuals, companies, and ultimately, the Springs,” Arens said. “When times get tough the first thing companies cut is their advertising budget – but that is the last thing that should go.”

Those who take Crystal Peak up on its free consultation offer will not be pressured to sign up for its service, Arens added. “It is free marketing and advertising advice, no strings attached,” said Arens.

Even if you don’t think you have the money for marketing and advertising right now, Arens believes the free consultation might change your mind.

“The key is to unearth ways to advertise and market your product or service that you can afford,” Arens said. “It is possible and really, you can’t afford not to.”

As one of the city’s senior agencies, Crystal Peak has a list of clients that includes computer-maker Compaq, the American Heart Association, Pueblo Bank & Trust, and Red Noland Infiniti.

If you would like to take advantage of Aren’s offer, call Crystal Peak at 593-9112.