Colorado Springs Technology incubator has six hopefuls

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With the opening of the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator, whose primary mission is to “accelerate the launch of financially viable companies in the high-technology sector,” six small, local companies are hoping for the best.

They are Acculent, Corporate Hearts, DigiLearn, Integrity PC Innovations, Inc., XAware, and ZeeWaves Systems, Inc. Following is a brief description of their products or services, as introduced by CSTI.

Acculent Corporation:

Acculent’s primary product is a customer-configurable code used in the integrated circuit industry for the design of computer chips. The end user easily configures its code and is provided a simulation environment to help customers evaluate design constraints and determines the best use of the application.


Contact: Robert Hoffman

Telephone: 719/262-3744

Corporate Hearts:

Information overload in the medical research world is enormous. Corporate Hearts “was founded to bridge the growing chasm between the miraculous discoveries that happen each day in modern health care and actual clinical practice around the world.” The latest information is needed for patients to make life and death decisions in their treatment, and Corporate Hearts says its data management makes that information available to patients, doctors and nurses.

Contact: Walligene Carranza, RN, CLNC, PhD

Telephone: 719/209-4716


DigiLearn provides a platform to deliver high quality, on-demand continued legal education online for attorneys nationwide. DigiLearn said its courses are accredited, and that it gives attorneys access to information around the clock, with no travel costs or time away from the office.


Contact: Melissa Loucks

Telephone: 719/262-3710

Integrity PC Innovations, Inc.:

This company creates software that protects your computer files, important documents, presentations and spreadsheets, so you will never lose a file again. The software works seamlessly in the background. About the product, the company said: “Once installed, you don’t have to do a thing to be constantly protected.”


Contact: Warren Roach

Telephone: 719/579-9734


XAware’s patented technology allows businesses to dramatically reduce the time and expense of developing and maintaining customized data access software. The company said it is a pioneer of “XML technology for application and data integration supporting both the J2EE and Microsoft.Net technologies.”


Contact: Rick Cloutier

Telephone: 719/262-3724

ZeeWaves Systems Inc.:

Zee Waves Systems said it will be deploying products, technologies and services for wireless local area networks, and that it will specialize in system security and integrated solutions for voice and data. The company also has a product called the “Z-Entenna,” which it said has applications for enterprise and defense industries.


Contact: Khurshid Qureshi

Telephone: 719/262-3718.

For more information about the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator, contact Kara McAnulty at 719/262-3743, or visit the CSTI website at