Urban League partners with Jobing.com on new Web site

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The Urban League of Pikes Peak has taken a step into cyberspace as part of a commitment to fulfill the group’s diversity initiative and provide job seekers with another tool as they search for work.

The league’s mission is “to promote equality by securing equal opportunities for African-Americans, other minorities and the disadvantaged through education, economic self-sufficiency, community-building and advocacy.”

As a result of a partnership agreement with Jobing.com of Denver, the league now has a fully functional Web site, which visitors with the ability to search a database of jobs throughout the Colorado. “We recognized the need to be present on the Internet,” said John Cruzat, the league’s vice president of programs. “When this opportunity presented itself, it was just too good to turn down.”

The Internet presence isn’t costing the league a dime.

Jobing.com is picking up the cost of the site, said Vicki Steere, the company’s director of community relations. “We provide free Web sites for associations and non-profits that fit with our strategic goal, which is to find people employment,” she said.

Jobing.com puts a job board on the Web site and employers pay to advertise on the board.

The on-line job listings should help the league provide its clientele better service, especially as the economy improves.

“The economic climate here has been turbulent during the last few years,” Cruzat said. “The challenges we’re facing here is putting people in positions that are commiserate with the ones they’ve lost.”

He said that the profile of those seeking help has changed.

“Now what we’re seeing is a flood of degreed, highly qualified technically adept people who have been displaced,” Cruzat said. “It’s difficult to transition them to other careers because of what they invested in their technical training. We’re finding it difficult to help them re-enter the work force in the same field at a comparable level.”

However, Cruzat said that the employment outlook is improving. “We’re very optimistic,” he said. “And we are seeing a reduction in the amount of inquiries we’re having in certain fields.”