What is Tabor

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The “Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights” to protect Colorado Citizens from arrogant spending of “tax dollars.” There are some politicians and bureaucrats that would spend “tax dollars” like drunken sailors, without regard to their fiduciary responsibilities, if “TABOR” were not present in the Colorado Constitution. Some still do.

Politicians and bureaucrats are servants of the citizens and custodians of the tax dollars. With our form of government, Citizens of Colorado and the United States of America are not meant to be “slaves” of government or politicians.

The government of Colorado and the United States of America is not meant to be oppressive. Yet individual rights, liberties and properties of citizens are continually being eroded and oppressed by excessive taxation, inflation, governments waste and over regulation.

The United States of America would do well, by adopting a “Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights” much like “Tabor.”

The only people, organizations or businesses that are against “TABOR” are those that loose power or subsidies because of “TABOR.” When an organization or person comes out against “TABOR,” follow the money and the power.

Bill Smith

Lakewood, CO