Colorado Springs Business Journal welcomes new managing editor

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When the new managing editor of The Colorado Spring Business Journal told his oldest sister he wanted to major in political science in college, she tossed the employment ads at him and said, “Where do you see the jobs in political science?” Observing her younger brother as a news junkie and an able writer, she suggested a degree in journalism. As any smart brother would, Mike Boyd took her advice, and a successful stint in journalism has proven his sister’s knack for family career counseling.

After Boyd received a degree in communications, with an emphasis in journalism, from Texas A&I University in Kingsville, he began his career at the Harlingen, Texas, newspaper (circulation 30,000) where he interned in college. From there, Boyd traveled east to become a sports writer for a Burlington, N.C., newspaper, and, like any seasoned reporter or editor, made his way through the newspaper business as a copy editor, a deputy sports editor and a copy desk chief. Three and a half years later, Boyd went back to the Harlingen newspaper as the news editor, and later moved to New Braunfels, Texas, newspaper as the managing editor.

From there, Boyd took a hiatus from the newspaper business and became the public affairs director for the Corpus Christi Housing Authority. Eventually he ventured back to his calling and back to North Carolina, starting out as a night metro editor for a Fayetteville newspaper and moving on to become the business editor.

Boyd traded his life-long familiarity with warm weather and humidity to a not-so-familiar dry and chillier Colorado. “So far, so good; I love Colorado,” said Boyd, who started with the CSBJ on Feb. 23.

Welcome Mike Boyd. Here is a bit of insight into the new managing editor of the CSBJ.

CSBJ: What attracted you to Colorado?

Boyd: I’ve had a friend who has lived here for several years. He has always spoken well about the city and the quality of life.

CSBJ: Have athletics – football or basketball in particular – had an effect on your life, your success, your ability to lead?

Boyd: I think one of the main lessons I learned from playing organized sports is that everyone has a role to play and success is dependent on making sure each of those role players performs at his or her best. Rarely can an individual, regardless of personal ability, achieve success without the help of others. Sports also afforded me the opportunity to learn that while losing should never be considered an option at the onset, it isn’t the end of the world when it happens. Greater success is often achieved after picking oneself up and dusting oneself off a few times.

CSBJ: What is your idea of success?

Boyd: Achievement above expectation.

CSBJ: What is your best trait as a boss?

Boyd: Consistency.

CSBJ: What do you think is the most basic trait needed to be a true leader?

Boyd: The ability to communicate what it is you expect.

CSBJ: What is the best thing about publishing and the newspaper? business?

Boyd: That no one day is the same as another.

CSBJ: What is the one thing that newspapers can do to be better than their competition?

Boyd: Provide in-depth information.

CSBJ: Name one of your heroes.

Boyd: My father

CSBJ: What is your pet peeve?

Boyd: I hate being late.

CSBJ: Who was your favorite president?

Boyd: Teddy Roosevelt

CSBJ: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Boyd: Playing catch with my dad.

CSBJ: Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Boyd: Anywhere warm

CSBJ: If you were sent to an island and could take just three of your personal belongings (not humans), what would you choose?

Boyd: A hard-cover unabridged dictionary, a pocket knife and the Zippo lighter I received for Christmas.

CSBJ: What is your favorite book?

Boyd: No favorite. I enjoy reading just about anything.

CSBJ: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Boyd: I’m pretty OK with myself. Not sure there really is anything I’d change. (But if I had to, the hair and body I had in college would be a good starting place.)

CSBJ: What is the one thing you love spending money on?

Boyd: Anything that isn’t for me

CSBJ: Finally, but most important: What football team are you rooting for this season – college and pro?

Boyd: Ohio State and Dallas

CSBJ: Uh-oh!