Consultant and speaker has worn many hats

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* Name: Michael Morgan

* Organization: Morgan Success Group Inc.

* Position: President/CEO

* Hometown: Santa Fe, N.M.

* How long have you lived in Colorado Springs: 14 years

* A few words about your company: I’m primarily a business consultant, and an international speaker. I work with companies, associations and organizations to help individuals be ahead by design, not default. I’ve worked in the Broadcasting and entertainment industry for over 30 years and have performed as a professional actor, stand-up comedian and a floor show artist.

* Recent accomplishments: Past president of the National Speakers Association – Colorado Chapter (third largest of National 38 chapters). I’ve also started a subsidiary company, Creative Media Productions, which is involved in audio and video production and focusing on e-learning. The core competency of our company is communication skills. If you can’t communicate you can not properly acccomplish marketing, customer service, leadership, or sales.

* Biggest career break: Getting fired and starting my own company

* The toughest part of your job: I like everything I do. When I started my own company I started with a huge advantage: my focus was to build a business not just become a speaker. The world of business and how we related to each other has radicaly changed We no longer have a “normal” world and mindset that we used to be able to rely on. My job is now helping individuals and corporations find new levels of normalcy.

* Someone you admire: My grandfather. He taught me the basic values of living, accountability, responsibility, respect and living up to your word.

* About your family: Married for 24 years to wife, Sara; daughter, Amy, 17; and son, Nicholas, 12.

* Something else you’d like to accomplish: Developing a company that will become independent of its principals and help support a lot of people.

* How your business will change in the next decade: A lot of the areas I get into are training. I think that as the business world is asking more people to do more work with less, support training is going to become even more critical. Technology also will lead to change. There will be more eLearning telesnologies than before. Company investment back into employees will become more vital.

* What book are you currently reading? Now Discover Your Strengths, by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton.

* What is the one thing you would change about Colorado Springs? I’d like there to be a stronger awareness in the business community of all the talent and expertise that is in this town. You don’t have to go outside of Colorado Springs to find outstanding national talent.