Houston leans toward technology-based design

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* Name: Becky Houston

* Organization: Barnstorm Visual Communications Inc.

* Position: President

* Hometown: An Arbor, Mich.

* How long have you lived in Colorado Springs: Seven years

* Education: Bachelor’s degree in graphic design

* A few words about your company: Barnstorm is a high-end graphic design studio. Our uniqueness and strength is our versatility in both design and new media. Our in-house recording studio and state-of-the-art video equipment allow us to record streaming media and audio. We have the capabilities to produce multimedia presentations and then create the advertising to support them.

* Recent accomplishments: American Marketing Association Peak Award for Vectra Bank ad campaign, Addy Award for Lee Pipes Web site, Macromedia site of the day for Vital Seek Web site, Flash Film Festival Finalist for Lee Dungarees Web site (Haro Mountain Bike section), About.com Site of the Week for Buddy Lee Rocks Web site.

* Biggest career break: I played drums for Reba McEntire at a concert in Ann Arbor because her drummer got sick. It has nothing to do with design, but it was pretty cool. And if I would have become a professional drummer, that would have been a big break. * The toughest part of your job: I guess the toughest thing for me is knowing when to quit for the day. I always have something else I can do.

* Someone you admire: I admire anyone who has a passion for what they do, works with integrity, enjoys creativity, isn’t afraid of challenge and has fun in life.

* About your family: I have two great sons who are married to wonderful girls. I am fortunate to have them all in my life.

* Something else you’d like to accomplish: I’d like to lose about 20 pounds. But on an easier note, I want to launch our new product line, imagestorm.biz, in 2004. It’s a Web site we designed where small businesses can go to customize their own marketing materials at affordable prices.

* How your business will change in the next decade: We are moving our graphic design skills deeper into multimedia productions in addition to traditional design for print. We also are on the verge of launching imagestorm.biz which will give us a product line. In the next decade, we will diversity into these technology-based design forums to move our company forward.

* What book are you currently reading? “From Good to Great,” by Jim Collins and “The E-Myth,” by Michael Gerber

* What is the one thing you would change about Colorado Springs? I wish we had a more diverse economic base and a major university.