Letter to the Editor

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Legislation requiring the state to repay borrowed cash funds passed out of a Senate Committee on Wednesday, and we declare this a major victory for fiscal conservatives. With more than 600 bills introduced so far, we can’t write about every one of them, but SB 112 is so important we wanted to share it with all our constituents.

Because of recent economic conditions, the state borrowed funds from cash reserves to fill gaps within the budget to ensure the survival of many state programs. All fiscal conservatives should now support a repayment of those borrowed funds as we move toward economic recovery.

Your Colorado Springs delegation in the state Senate is proud to be behind Senate Bill 112. This bill is important to fiscal conservatives because the cash funds are slated for a specific purpose and paid for by specific businesses and employees. If there is no money, then either the services paid for are limited or the fees increase, and this isn’t fair to businesses, employees or consumers.

While we can’t guarantee anything, we will do our best to see this bill become law. Please call or write us at the Capitol with any comments or questions.

Sen. Ron May, SB 112 prime sponsor; Sens. Doug Lamborn, Andy McElhany and Ed Jones; co-sponsors.