The Best in Springs Business

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You’ve seen them before, but never like this. The Colorado Springs Business Journal is polling readers to determine the “Best in Springs Business.”

Now if you’re thinking “everybody does this” or “I’ve seen this before” you’re a little right and a little wrong.

“Best of” polls are fairly standard in the publishing industry. And Colorado Springs has a few that you’re probably familiar with. But none are dedicated to recognizing and helping the business community do better business.

That’s where “Best in Springs Business” is different. We’re not trying to identify who has the best cup of coffee, or the best 99-cent special for dry cleaning. What we are hoping to do is find out what our readers think is the best business board to sit on, the best place to park your money, the best air charter service, the best restaurants for a business breakfast/lunch/dinner, the best men’s and women’s clothier, and the best private club, just to name a few.

Ballots will be accepted until June 16. We’ll publish the results July 16. The top vote getters in each category will receive a certificate announcing their selections as “Best in Springs Business.” Two runners up in each category also will receive certificates.

In the interest of not stuffing the ballot box, only entries with at least 35 of the categories filled in will be accepted. The blank ballot can be photo-copied and distributed for others to fill out, but photo copies of completed ballots will be tossed.

So, let’s help each other get the word out about who’s doing things right in the business community and recognize the folks that help make Colorado Springs work.