Colorado among best in U.S. for mail service

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If you put the proverbial check in the mail in Colorado, chances are that it will arrive at its intended destination on time.

Postal offices in Colorado and Wyoming rank among the best in the nation for on-time mail service, according to national postal First Class Mail local on-time delivery scores. Post offices in both states achieved a 96 percent on-time local First Class Mail (EXFC) delivery score during the quarter that ended March 31. The EXFC score is independently reported and audited by IBM’s Business Consulting Unit.

“Our postal employees have worked very hard,” said Ellis Burgoyne, the district manager in charge of all postal operations for both states. “Our goal is to continue to improve and to deliver every single piece of mail 100 percent on time.”

The national average for on-time delivery was 95 percent. The highest score in the nation was 97 percent. Colorado and Wyoming’s score was four points higher than during the same quarter last year.

Ron Perry, customer relations coordinator for the Postal Service in Colorado Springs, said one reason for the improvement, at least locally, is that every employee has made on-time delivery a priority.

“We focused a little bit more on that, it being our primary product,” Perry said.

The on-time score applies to mail delivery areas that have the first three ZIP Code digits, 800, 801, 802, 803, 809, and 820. These ZIP codes include the Denver metro area, including Aurora and Boulder, the Colorado Springs metro area, and the 820 Cheyenne/Laramie metro area.

Postal offices and workers in both states sort and deliver about 13.4 million of pieces of mail per day. They deliver to more than 5 million residents, in what is one of the largest delivery areas of the country, more than 201,000 square miles.