Latest Pueblo County job vacancy survey released

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The employment outlook for Pueblo County has seen a sharp turnaround from a year ago.

In its latest Job Vacancy Survey, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment estimated that 543 jobs were open for immediate hire in the region from March 2 through 9. During the same time period in 2003, 473 vacancies were estimated.

“This increase in the number of vacancies and the decline in the unemployment rate are positive signs for job-seekers in Pueblo County,” said Jeff Wells, executive director. However, Wells said that “employers are requiring more experience and education than in prior surveys.”

The greatest numbers of vacancies were found in the health care and social assistance sector. The fewest numbers of vacancies occurred in educational services and natural resources and mining, where no vacancies were reported this survey period.

The government sector had the highest average wage, while the leisure and hospitality sector reports the lowest average wage.

Almost two-thirds of all jobs that require vocational training or certification, and three-quarters of those requiring a two-year college degree were in the health care and social assistance sector. Jobs with large private employers accounted for nearly four-fifths of the vacancies requiring a bachelor’s degree. Vacancies in government agencies made up nearly nine-tenths of the vacancies requiring an advanced degree.

Organizations are grouped into 12 sectors specific to the survey based on the North American Industry Classification System, which has replaced the Standard Industrial Classification System and also is used by Canada and Mexico. This industry classification system better reflects today’s economic activity, and makes information about specific industries available at a greater level of detail.

The survey provides information about the jobs in highest demand in Pueblo County, which include registered nurses, truck drivers, heavy and tractor-trailer, retail sales and tellers.