Don't need urban sprawl in Monument

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Dear Lon:

Thanks for the support against the proposed Wal-Mart location in Monument.

We firmly oppose a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Monument. We do not need this kind of urban sprawl here. There already are two Wal-Marts located in close proximity to Monument: one is on North Academy Boulevard, about 10 minutes away and the second is in Castle Rock about 20 minutes away. How many Wal-Marts do we need in a given area? Another Wal-Mart in Monument would just be market oversaturation (we already have a King Sooper’s, Safeway, Home Depot (new), and Foxworth/Galbraith Ace Hardware for our local shopping needs) and would create more overcrowding, traffic congestion, trash and environmental stress when it is not needed.

Also, Wal-Mart is well-known for driving small local businesses out of business. Although one-stop shopping is nice at times, a diversity of selection is better and we believe that these local businesses should be given a chance to survive for the sake of the Monument community. Please join us in loudly saying “NO” to Wal-Mart here in Monument.


Glenn & Monica Whiteside