More than enough reasons not to want Wal-Mart

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Dear Editor,

I live in High Meadows at Fox Run subdivision about 2 miles from the proposed Wal-Mart on Baptist Road. There are so many reasons that the proposed location should be voted down at the July 15th county commissioner meeting. I’ve listed just a few below:

1) Traffic – I drive Baptist Road several times per day. Traffic is already horrible and building a new Wal-Mart would turn Baptist Road into a nightmare. The infrastructure just isn’t in place for a 200,000-square-foot big box store.

2) Zoning – The proposed site is zoned neighborhood commercial. I’ll be darned if I’ll stand by and let the world’s largest company come into my community and push their weight around to get the zoning changed for their own self interests. The big box doesn’t fit the location.

3) Monument – The town of Monument gets screwed big time if this proposal goes through. Monument wouldn’t get any tax revenue, and yet who do you suppose will have to pick up the slack when the El Paso constable can’t respond to the 1-3 emergency calls per day at Wal-Mart? Monument, that’s who. The arrival of Wal-Mart just outside the Monument tax district will funnel at least $500,000 of much needed tax revenue out of the Monument town coffers. Result – Monument town employees will get the axe.

4) PIC (Public Improvement Commission) – What a joke! This developer appointed committee would have total control over nearly $4 million earmarked for road improvements (paid for by the public – NOT Wal-Mart), but would not have any accountability to voters. This is a bad idea.

5) Monument Marketplace (a better alternative) – Marketplace is half a mile north of the proposed site. It’s properly zoned for a 200,000-square-foot big box store and would be an acceptable location for the proposed Wal-Mart. Marketplace has better traffic flow (two ways in and out) and the zoning is already voter approved. This location would also allow the town of Monument to get tax revenue and would be a boost to the town economy, but not to local businesses.

I’m not against Wal-Mart or development per se, but I am against a Wal-Mart on Baptist Road. If our elected County Commissioner Wayne Williams votes for this proposal, I’ll personally be first in line to gather signatures to recall him from office.


Jay Brinkmeyer