Supercenter would ruin Monument's serene setting

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Dear Mr. Matejczyk,

I wanted to thank you for your recent editorial about the proposed Wal-Mart on Baptist Road. I too am strongly opposed to the Wal-Mart coming into our serene setting in Monument.

The reason we chose this area was because of the open space, mountain views and less commercialization. I support all the oppositions you listed in your editorial and believe these are valid concerns that our elected officials need to consider as they place their vote on this issue.

Citizens need to take a stand against the incessant drive of developers and businesses to take any and all open spaces and fill them with such monstrosities. It is our duty as Americans to preserve the beauty of our nation and I will be present at the July 15th rezoning meeting to voice my opposition to this proposal.

Thank you for being so eloquent in your editorial.


Jennifer C. Heery