Thanks for your support, here is what I sent the commissioners

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Dear Mr. Matejczyk,

Thank you for your support of our efforts opposing the rezoning for Wal-Mart on Baptist Road. Appended is a copy of my letter to all five El Paso County Commissioners on that subject. To date only Commissioner Bensberg has offered a reply. As a member of the Tri Lakes Coalition I appreciate your support bringing this issue before the public.

Dear Commissioner ____________:

I strongly urge you to vote against rezoning the parcel of land south of Baptist Road to accommodate a big-box store. The traffic in that area already reaches gridlock in the morning and evening rush hour. I understand there are not sufficient funds in the near future to attempt to alleviate the congestion.

We reviewed the zoning and Baptist Road proposals prior to acquiring the parcel of land for building our home. We placed implicit trust in the elected members of the El Paso County Commission to protect our investment against inappropriate incursions into our community.

If a big box store is deemed necessary in this area may I suggest consideration be given to its placement in Monument Marketplace which has or is planning an infrastructure to better accommodate a store of this magnitude.

I don’t feel it’s unreasonable for the voters in this community to expect our elected officials give consideration to the welfare of their constituents. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours truly,

David L. Patton