Wal-Mart might win, but retailer will lose at least one shopper

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Dear Mr. Matejczyk,

I strongly oppose Wal-Mart’s new store at Baptist and I-25 for the same reasons you do. I live about seven miles to the east of the proposed location and the addition of yet another big box in a pristine area is too much, not to mention the added traffic, killing of competition across the road and the need to rezone to accommodate Wal-Mart.

The addition of Wal-Mart doesn’t really affect me and I could drive elsewhere to shop and not be bothered, but I prefer the Baptist Road shopping area. If Wal-Mart moves in, I will definitely shop elsewhere.

Like you, I am not anti-business and celebrate Wal-Mart’s business model, except their labor practices, predatory competitive practices and having the hubris of expecting that they can rezone an area to avoid taxes despite a properly zoned area a quarter mile north.

If the El Paso County commissioners approve this rezoning measure, then my suspicions that they are in the developer’s pocket and vice versa is valid.

Richard Bridges