Wal-Mart would have devastating effect on quality of life

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Dear Editor,

I couldn’t agree with you more Mr. Matejczyk. We’ve only lived in the Gleneagle area for four years, but I can only imagine the devastating effect the proposed Wal-Mart would have on our quality of life. The zoning laws in our area were put in effect for a reason – to eliminate the influx of large box stores while maintaining our small town feel.

My husband and I moved out here to get away from the congestion of town and to be able to see the stars, not the fluorescent glow of parking lot lights. If Wal-Mart intends to financially benefit from the people of this town they might as well do so without disrupting our lives.

There are two other Wal-Mart stores just north and south of us on I-25. In the worst case, there are many properly zoned parcels of land next to Home Depot. Will these parcels cost a little more? Yes, but I think Wal-Mart can afford it. Anyone that lives off Baptist Road can tell you how congested the road is right now. What will the road look like after a Wal-Mart is added?

I’m also worried about the recent increase in forest fires here in Colorado. I can only hope that we would never need to evacuate our area quickly. How would that ever happen in a timely fashion with all the added traffic?

The most worrisome trend related to other Wal-Mart stores, is the increase in crime. I’m sure the Colorado Springs Police Department doesn’t want to dilute its resources even further by driving out to the Baptist Road Wal-Mart several times a day. Hopefully our commissioners will make the right decision for their constituents on July 15 – no Wal-Mart on Baptist Road.

K. Troka