Vessey works both ends of entertaimnment

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* Name: Donna Vessey

* Organization: Donna Vessey Entertainment

* Position: CEO

* Hometown: Colorado Springs

* How long have you lived in Colorado Springs: 30 years

* Education: “The Second City,” Chicago, Ill., and “Arvada Center for Performing Arts,” Arvada, Colo., as well as nursing school. As an entertainer they tell you: “Never give up your day job”&so instead of running off to Hollywood after high school, my parents suggested I get an education I could always make a living with.

* A few words about your company: Donna Vessey Entertainment (DVE) is an entertainment broker for corporate and private events. DVE procures entertainment and negotiates contracts between clients and entertainers. DVE provides entertainment ranging from musicians to impersonators to story tellers to comics to large floor shows and theme parties including Hula dancers for your luau, Latin dancers and mariachi bands to throwing your own Ocktober Fest. Professional roasting is a very popular request and our specialty. It can be as private as a serenaded dinner for two or as public as a large-scale event entertainment for corporate groups coming to Colorado on convention.

* Recent accomplishments: As a businesswoman, starting Donna Vessey Entertainment in October 2003 with my business partner Will Robinson and watching it grow – seeing the results of all the late nights traveling to venues in and out of town to view potential talent for clients and hearing word of mouth references from satisfied clients.

As an actress, I just finished shooting commercial number 91. I’m hoping to reach 100 soon. I recently performed and produced a short independent film.

* Biggest career break: As a business woman, starting my first theatrical company 11 years ago. As an actress, my first television commercial 10 years ago and being accepted into “The Second City,” in Chicago.

* The toughest part of your job: Calling and coordinating schedules between talent and clients, producers and directors, etc. We spend a lot of time on the phone and e-mail. There is always a deadline.

* Someone you admire: Maya Angelo

* About your family: Married 28 years. My husband is a professional photographer. No children. I am the oldest of three girls, born to military parents who also provided an education by showing us the world.

* Something else you’d like to accomplish: Land a part in a national commercial. Get a substantial part in a big budget movie. Host a “talk show.”

* How your business will change in the next decade: There will always be parties and events. People will always need entertainment. We see the business expanding beyond the Front Range to accommodate more work on a national level.

* What book are you currently reading? “Leap of Faith, Memoirs of an Unexpected Life” by Queen Noor.

* What is the one thing you would change about Colorado Springs? More planning and building for the future instead of just the cities present needs.