Program helps residents grasp city government

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Ever wonder how city government works? Think you have a pretty good idea, but would like to know more? Forty Colorado Springs residents will get the opportunity for total immersion into the workings of the city beginning September 8.

Applications are being accepted for the City of Colorado Springs 2004 “Citizens Academy.” The eight-week program is designed to improve understanding of city government and how it operates.

The program is open to anyone interested in getting a comprehensive view of the City of Colorado Springs government, the budget and how it all works. The class is limited to 40 students. Participants will be required to pay a $40 fee, which covers all materials and a light dinner for each session.

Applications are available on the city’s Web site at or by calling 385-5345 or e-mailing The submission deadline is Aug. 6. Selection will be based on strength of application, civic leadership potential and contribution to the diversity of the program.

For information, call Monique Caterina at 385-2345 or e-mail her at

Topics that will be covered include:

* Overview of City Council/City Manager form of government

* Citizens’ Roles on city advisory boards and commissions

* Volunteering within city government

* City finance and budget

* City Clerk

* Police

* Fire and Emergency Services

* Public Works

* Planning and Zoning

* Parks, Recreation and Cultural


* Colorado Springs Utilities