AFA coach urges support of the ALS Walk

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Dear Editor:

I am writing to encourage all Coloradoans to get involved with the Walks to D’Feet ALS that will take place this fall throughout the state of Colorado. Every 90 minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with ALS and every 90 minutes someone in the United States dies from ALS.

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and is commonly referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” ALS is a fatal neuromuscular disease that affects the lives of 30,000 people living in our country and 5,000 new cases of ALS will be diagnosed this year. The madness must stop. A cure must be found soon.

The ALS Association is the only national not-for-profit voluntary health organization whose sole mission is to find the cause and the cure for ALS. Since the organization’s inception in 1985, the ALS Association has awarded nearly $32.5 million to fund research seeking to identify the cause, the means of prevention and the cure for ALS. More funds are needed now to continue this research so that a cure will be found in the days ahead.

I am encouraging all Coloradoans to get involved with the Colorado Walks to D’Feet ALS this fall. Funds from these events benefit local patient service programs for Colorado ALS patients and the national ALS research effort. Participation is easy and the returns will be essential to finding a cure for this dreadful disease that claimed the life of Lou Gehrig 63 years ago and hundreds of thousands of other outstanding individuals who have been diagnosed since that time.

Colorado will be hosing seven Walks to D’Feet ALS during the fall: Starting Sept. 26 in Grand Junction, then Oct. 2 in Pueblo, Oct. 3 in Colorado Springs, Oct. 9 in Greeley, Oct. 10 in Boulder, Oct. 17 in Fort Collins and ending Oct. 23 in Denver. Anyone can participate and lend their support to those currently diagnosed with ALS and the national ALS research effort. For registration information, visit the chapter’s Web site at or e-mail a request for registration to

I am hopeful that you will plan to join me, CSU at Pueblo basketball coach Joe Folda, University of Colorado football coach Gary Barnett, UNC basketball coach Craig Rasmuson, Denver KBPI radio host Uncle Nasty, Fort Collins KCOL radio hosts Keith and Gail, and Grand Junction 95 Rock radio host Mitch Micheau as members of Team D’Feet ALS this fall.

By working together, we will be victorious in the fight against ALS.

Fisher DeBerry

Head Football Coach

United State Air Force Academy