Tournament Planners Seminar coming soon

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I have been very fortunate to assist 45 tournaments in Colorado Springs this golf season and it’s not over yet. I moved my family to the area in 1988 when the metropolitan area population was 350,000. The last census bumped that figure up to 502,000. New golf courses are opening and the influx of golfers continues. I heard the other day that three or four more courses will be opening in the next five years. I’ll have to check that out. The bottom line is that golf is alive and well in Southern Colorado.

In April 2002 I was inspired and encouraged to put up the Web site, which has taken on a life of its own and is doing very well. I reviewed a golf club (a wedge) on the SFG web site for which I had received a gift certificate and called the company to see if I could distribute free wedge offerings for them. They put me in touch with Advantage Golf of Colorado, who had the contract with them, and Advantage Golf was happy to have me help them in Colorado Springs. Advantage Golf provided me with additional items, including golf magazines, to give to tournament players and I began referring tournament chairmen to them for hole-in-one insurance, signage and other tournament needs. Advantage Golf is a national organization, which is a one-stop center for golf tournament planners.

These past two years have brought me in contact with a myriad of wonderful people in the golf business, many who put on golf tournaments for non-profits, charities, corporations and other organizations.

One of my most coveted relationships is with the principals of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Professional Golf Association Professional Golf Management program. I have enjoyed promoting their program across the southern United States, along the California coast and as far away as Montana. made a giant leap this summer when Lon Matejczyk, the publisher of The Colorado Springs Business Journal, approached me at a Governmental Affairs Committee meeting at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. Lon was planning an Executive Golf Edition. When he became aware of what I was doing with, specifically listing golf tournaments, he offered me the opportunity to provide those listings for his publication. The Web site was featured in the special edition, and each week thereafter, tournament listings have been published in the Colorado Springs Business Journal, which is developing into the print focal point for golf tournaments in Colorado Springs.

My attention has been drawn to the fact that the majority of tournament planners, both experienced and neophyte, are hungry for more information about how to put on first class golf tournaments. The time has come to fulfill that need and that time will be a golf tournament planner’s seminar Sept. 30 at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. Will Temby, president and CEO of the chamber, has sensed the need for a tournament planner’s event and has offered to co-sponsor the seminar along with the Business Journal. The seminar is open to everyone and you do not have to be a chamber member to participate.

The seminar will include an in-depth look at golf tournament committees and members’ duties, tournaments from the perspective of golf course professionals and sponsors, how to market tournaments and secure players, and flow charts to ensure timely accomplishment of all areas required to make a golf event successful.

If you are a golf tournament planner, director, or committee member, you are invited to sign up. You are welcome if you are a newcomer to working on golf tournaments, too. Seating is limited, so be sure to submit your application soon. Just click on the “Golf Tournament Planning Seminars” link at the top of the home page of, complete the application and survey, submit it and send in your seminar fee.

See you there.