Roads usually feel worse than they look

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In response to your RTA article and the negative comments to be printed in the voter education mailer, it appears to me as though Doug Bruce only thinks about himself.

As a person who once drove, but has now lost his site, I experience potholes in a whole new way. Think about riding in a car, now close your eyes. Not only am I more sensitive to hitting potholes while riding public transportation or in a friends car, I seem to be one of the first to find newly emerging potholes.

I find them with my cane, along the sides of roads as I navigate neighborhoods with crumbling sidewalks, such as Cragmoor, or along roads with no sidewalks. Places I traverse getting to appointments or shopping.

Even as a blind person who will never drive again and who lives on a fixed income, I support investing in our community. I am willing to accept the limited amount for transit improvements because I too want our community to be a quality place to live for everyone.

I listen to the Gazette on audio reader and I have heard for years about the growing need for road repairs and bridge maintenance. I am also not too big on tax increases, like most of our city council members and commissioners.

However, like our council and commissioners I am also in support of the RTA. From what I have found out, the RTA is in the best interest of the voters and our community and I hope voters will say yes to 1A.

I ask the voters to consider would you rather put up with continuing deterioration of our roads, crumbling bridges that may need to be closed if not fixed and the damage to your car from hitting potholes that you don’t see?

Or would you rather pay an equitable 1 cent sales tax that would allow us to improve the condition of our roads and bridges and alleviate the terrible congestion we currently find on our roads today.

Kevin Scott

Colorado Springs