Save money, save time, and save lives

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The vast majority of us identify our roads as the number one issue in our community. A decade ago we cut our sales tax by .5 cent and eliminated that investment in our infrastructure. We saved on our tax bill but have paid the price in other ways. We lost time on the roads, had more accidents, lost lives in wrecks, and accumulated a deferred maintenance and construction shortfall that exceeds $1 billion.

Our population and traffic are growing at a 3 percent rate annually. So each year our roads become more crowded and the maintenance bill jumps. When we ignore a simple pothole long enough, the cost of repair goes up 25 times. To ignore this issue is penny wise and pound foolish.

What is the solution? Vote yes on Amendment 1A, the RTA. The funds will all be dedicated to new road construction (55 percent), maintenance (35 percent) and mass transit (10 percent). The good news is that tourists will pay 40 percent of the bill.

I, for one, am tired of sitting in traffic jams and wasting money by not taking care of our infrastructure. We can save time, money and lives by supporting Amendment 1A.

Jack Gloriod

Colorado Springs