Traffic problems really aren't a new dilemma

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So, were you surprised?

You shouldn’t have been. It’s no wonder that Colorado Springs was recently identified in a nationwide study as having the worst traffic congestion of any small city in America. As long ago as 1915, traffic consultants advised City Council that our road net was inefficient and that it would cause future traffic problems.

They said so again in 1921 and at other times until now. And various City Councils have been ignoring the problem this whole time. And, to tell the truth, all of us as citizens have fought every solution that’s been proposed.

An example is the extension of Montebello from Academy to Nevada that was proposed in the mid-’80s. Would it help Academy traffic today to have another outlet between Woodmen Road and Union Boulevard? Of course it would. Now that’s closed off and we have to seek other solutions.

We now have a City Council and a County Commission who have addressed the problem. The rest is up to our citizens. We need to vote to solve some of our problems on Nov. 2. If you are tired or inaction, tired of sitting in traffic jams, help yourself by voting “yes” on Issue 1A that day.

Robert B. Hoff

Colorado Springs