1A would reward politicians for inaction

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Robert Hoff’s Letter defended the largest tax increase in county history, Issue 1A, the RTA (which stand for “raise taxes again”). The cost of 1A is over $1 billion in just the first 10 years and it lasts forever, just like its new layer of government, run by RTA directors we can’t choose.

He noted that in 1915 “traffic consultants” did not like our city road grid. Ninety years ago, our city had about 25,000 people. He admitted the same report was made in 1921 and later years.

He unwittingly showed there have always been companies seeking road contracts and they will always find problems (which they can fix for a nice price). Issue 1A is no different.

Mr. Hoff said “various city councils have been ignoring the problem this whole time.” Then he advocates handing this billion dollar tax increase to the same governments that created the problem. Of course, they neglected roads. They want to force us into raising taxes. What have they been doing with the money they have now (over $350 million yearly in city and county budgets)?

He says current politicians “have addressed the problem.” Wrong again. The politicians are not providing money with Issue 1A (we are). The problem is they have not yet been forced to commit a bigger share of yearly budgets to infrastructure. Too much is going for salaries and bonuses.

If we let them get away with their current plan of intentional neglect, and even reward them for it, the same pattern will recur over and over – roads, fire stations, schools, etc. – until voters finally realize our good will is being exploited. Roads are basics, not extras. Cut the fat instead.

Vote no on Issue 1A.

Dorothy Hughes

Colorado Springs