Ballot issues need considerable thought

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On the upcoming election there are two important ballot issues.

One is the bond issue for School District 11. If this passes, every piece of property, excluding government buildings, within Colorado Springs will have a tax for many years. There is a sales tax increase which will be 10 percent more of your spendable income, added to the current 6.4 percent, making a new tax total of 7.4 percent.

Sales tax increases are never removed.

Remember, ballot issues can be defeated many times, but they only have to pass once. We need a law that if a ballot issue is defeated, it cannot be put back on the ballot for two-three years.

Don’t believe the blather from the economists and politicians about an economic upswing.

All you have to do is read the media or follow local business. Small business is the backbone of our country and with them life as we know it would be greatly different.

In a couple years these ballot issues would be more acceptable, but not for now. The above are ifs, the following is not.

Fixed income and elderly cannot increase their incomes to cover everything. Gas prices are up and will stay that way. Heating costs increase every year with a present increase of 13 percent and considerably more in years to come. Medicare insurance premiums are up 17 percent with higher co-pays and less prescription coverage.

Citizens should never have to choose between heat, food and medicine, but many are.

We have over 40 million uninsured in the United States and what is ironic is these people are paying for the war in Iraq. We have costs of $200 billion for Iraq and other countries that despise and hate us. Just think what this money would solve along with education and all known needs in our country, how well we would be.

You can vote yourself into taxation, but in doing so you are voting your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren into taxation. We have had our say, now you can have yours by voting.

Ed and Bev Hayes

Colorado Springs